January 2012 Statistical Reports for Mercer Island, Seattle, Eastside and King County

Absorption rate, the leading indicator of trending market activity, is up remarkably in January 2012. This tells us that of all of the homes available for sale, a larger and larger chunk are being sold (absorbed) by the buying public. With absorption rates this high, buyers will find themselves competing for the more-desirable homes on the market. The laws of supply and demand would indicate this is an ideal time for home sellers to come to market if they have a home they need to sell this year.

Footnote: The Mercer Island stats are very skewed by a significant number of lower end sales. This happens because with only 13 sales any few sales can create the appearance of a trend.

2012-01 Seattle Metro

2012-01 Mercer Island

2012-01 Eastside

2012-01 King County 

2012-01 Summary

Data prepared and analyzed by Julie Nugent for Windermere Real Estate/Mercer Island. For questions or comments, email Julie at julie@windermere.com.