October 2014 Seattle-Eastside Real Estate Review

At mainstream price points, two distinct real estate markets exist currently in the Puget Sound region at mainstream price points. The first is comprised of those homes on the market 30 days or less. This market is very brisk with the best homes selling quickly and often with multiple offers. Sellers are happy with their outcome and buyers are thrilled to secure a great home.

The second is comprised of those homes lingering in the market beyond 30 days. This market is one that is too easily ignored in favor of the new and potentially not yet swooped up homes coming to market. Homes that go beyond that one month mark are just as likely to sit on the market for months or not sell at all as they are to sell in the second month.


2014-10 Seattle Metro Report

2014-10 Mercer Island Report

2014-10 Eastside Report

2014-10 King County Report


Data prepared and analyzed by Julie Barrows, owner of Windermere Real Estate/Mercer Island http://www.WindermereMercerIsland.com.

For questions or comments, email Julie at julie@windermere.com.

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