December 25th Seattle-Eastside Real Estate Review

2015-12-25-Greater Seattle-Eastside

A weekly snapshot of real estate activity by neighborhood & price (click to view)

What’s HOT this week:

West Seattle – $250,000-500,000; 600’s
South Seattle – under $600’s
Central Seattle – $600’s; 800’s
Queen Anne – $500’s; 900’s
Ballard/Greenlake – $250,000-700,000
North Seattle – $250,000-500,000


South Bellevue – $500’s; 700’s; 900’s
Mercer Island – $800’s
West Bellevue – $1-1.25 million
East Bellevue – $500,000-700,000
East Lk Sammamish – $250,000-400,000
Redmond – $800’s
Kirkland – $400,000-700,000
Woodinville – $400’s
Renton Highlands – Quiet this week

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