January 1st Seattle Area Real Estate Report

Windermere Mercer Island

Can timing the market right really make that big of a difference when buying a home? Yes! Yes! And Yes! Consider this. If the Median Sale Price in North Seattle is $798,000, and you make an offer during a typical week (where there are far more buyers than sellers) you’ll likely pay at least 4% above the listed price, or a $32,000 premium.

Compare that to an off-week (holiday, school break, or other anomaly), where you might pay close to the listed price, and you’ve got a nice furniture budget to play with. Of course, the best properties will always command the best prices, but even they are subject to market fluctuations from week to week.

Pay attention and “cha-ching” could be part of your vocabulary soon.

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Windermere Mercer Island


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Information and statistics derived from Northwest Multiple Listing Service.

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