September 2013 Real Estate Activity Report for King County, Seattle, Eastside and Mercer Island

Looks like we have some nice year over year gains! Compared to September 2012:

Eastside: Closed sales are up 12.2%. Pending sales are up 6.3%.
King County: Closed sales are up 16.5%. Pending sales are up 7.6%.
Mercer Island: Closed sales are up 10%. Pending sales are down 33.3%*.
Seattle: Closed sales are up 24.5%. Pending sales are up 23.7%.

Notes: *Mercer Island had a record pending month in September of 2012, so while 18 pending sales is a strong September number, it pales in comparison to the 27 sales that month a year ago.

2013-09 Seattle Metro

2013-09 Mercer Island

2013-09 Eastside

2013-09 King County

2013-09 Summary

Data prepared and analyzed by Julie Barrows, owner of Windermere Real Estate/Mercer Island For questions or comments, email Julie at